8 Things That a Healthy Dutch Oven Can Do for You

If you are a healthy cook and you have the right Dutch oven in your kitchen, the possibilities are endless. A Dutch oven is a very useful piece of cookware and can be used to cook a number of dishes. Having a single cookware for cooking multiple types of food is not only convenient but it also saves a lot of money – you no longer need to buy a wide range of cookware to try your hands on different recipes. But, as mentioned in the first line of this article, you need to have the right one.


The healthiest choice would be a pure-clay Dutch oven because it has certain features that no other has. Want to check if yours is the right one? Let’s see if it can do the following 8 things:

1. Naturally Non-Stick

It becomes naturally non-stick when seasoned well (used a few times). It starts repelling food from sticking to the walls without any toxic coating. It is easier to clean by scrubbing under clean water without using any soap or cleaning agent.

Metal and ceramic cookware need toxic coatings to make them non-stick that contaminate food while cooking.

2. Breathable