A Sticky Website

look at the flowers in our garden. The morning was still cool, but we knew that the temperature was already climbing and would be somewhere in the 90s today.

Some yellow daisies where swaying gently in the light breeze, as if to say, “look at me. Here I am.” Where they trying to catch my attention, or the attention of honey bees and butterflies? Though God made the flowers for us to enjoy, I suspect that they are more interested in attracting the attention of the insects that will help spread their pollen. The flowers need to attract the attention of the insects to survive.


Internet marketers that have their own website are much like the flowers. They must attract the attention of potential visitors and entice them to visit the web site. If no visitors come then the site will eventually die.

How to attract visitors to a site is what the very broad subject of Internet marketing is about. Numerous articles and books have been written and are available about Internet marketing. Let’s just look at one small part of it today.

As you watch the honey bees and the butterflies on the flowers you notice that they stay on one flower for a