All travel companies, are you still not using travel agency software?

Now the question is why automation or the use of the software is needed to manage it?

But as already mentioned, there are so many things that travel operator needs to take care of like, managing customer-related tasks, inquiries, suppliers, accounts, company reports, HR management, travel company promotion and so on. If you are a small level travel company then initially you might not need any travel agency software to manage it but eventually, as you expand your business then use of the software will not only ensure smooth achievement of your travel business goals but also, in turn, boosts your travel business with its effective solutions. Let’s see how iTours- Complete Tour Operator Software can help boost your travel business.

  1. CRM (Lead Management): CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As the customer is the core part of your travel business, they require special attention. Managing the good relationships with customers includes giving them the best traveling experience with entire travel service right from booking their tickets, providing them personal login credentials to track booking status, quick support to customer inquiries and managing them effortlessly. All these aspects are difficult to manage without the use of any technology. The use of Travel CRM software benefitsa lot to the travel company. iTours not only automate these tasks for you but saves your effort and time and thus provides quick and effective results. What else customer expects from you, easy personal login, easy status tracking, support to queries, quick response to inquiries and last but not the least is good service.
  2. Suppliers Management (B2B): Supplier is the ot