Apple’s iPhone In Japan – Latest News And Rumors

essential in Japan for Apple’s iPhone. This seems like a fair bet, what with rumours of existing 2G stocks being sold off at firesale prices and becoming sold out in the UK. However, with many eyes watching the FCC web site and their equivalents in many other countries, no-one has spotted an Apple device seeking approval. The process of approval can take up to three months, so it looks like it will be Autumn before consumers will actually be able to get their paws on the Applie iPhone in Japan or any other country around the world. I speculate that there must be some kind of battery life or other issue delaying the release, as there are no concrete rumours of production orders for the additional third-party hardware required to power a 3G iPhone.

Japanese input. With the upcoming Apple iPhone v2.0 software, perhaps to be announced at the June Apple WWDC, many developers have got their hands on the beta versions of the software and are only too happy to leak details of what they are finding. MacRumors, for instance, has announced that the software has handwriting recognition for Chinese but not Japanese. Although Japanese kanji and Chinese hanzi are very similar and indeed Japanese has a much smaller set of commonly-used characters, the lack of Japanese handwriting can only be down to licensing issues; whether it means they haven’t yet closed a deal, been unable to close one, or are just not bothering is anyone’s guess.

However, the interesting news that confirms one of the requirements for Apple’s iPhone in Japan that I previously specified, namely that the iPhone has, for compatibility with the numeric keypad standard on almost all phones, introduced a soft kana keypad. This means that to enter, for example, Apple in Japanese, spelt APPURU, instead of using a standard QWERTY keyboard to type in A-P-P-U-R-U then press a conversion key to change to katakana, you press the kana A key once, the TA key six times to cycle through TA