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Let me guess, there has been a number calling your spouse over and over again and you are beginning to get very suspicious. I don’t blame you; I would be suspicious as well. Up until now it has only been a phone number and you have probably been going crazy trying to figure out who it is. Luckily, there is a way for you to find out who is calling. Using a reverse cell phone lookup service will show you exactly how to find out who the owner of that number is. Here is what you can do in the meantime so as not to tip your spouse off that you are suspecting them of cheating.

Go about your day as you normally would

Now I know that feeling of anger that boils up in you when you think someone is doing something to hurt you. I know how that phone number must be driving you crazy with wonder of who it is. However, if you want to get to the bottom of this you cannot lose your cool. You need to go about your day as you normally would; you need to pretend that it is business as usual. At least until you find out exactly who is calling, and then you can confront your cheating spouse with the truth.

Watch your spouse’s face when their phone rings

Once you your spouse’s phone rings, your immediate reaction should be to look at their face. My guess is your spouse does not have a very good poker-face which is how you will capitalize on this situation. Especially when that phone number pops up you need to get a good look at your spouse’s face to see if they look worried, happy or upset. You can sum up very easily the nature of their relationship with the caller when you see the face.

Try to catch them in lies about who is calling

To get a better idea of who is calling just ask your spouse who it is when the phone number pops up. Ask again later when the number pops up and see if their stories matchup. If you catch them lying about who is calling then it is a pretty sure bet that they do not want you know who it is.

Once you can do all three things above you’ll be set to look up that number and find out exactly who is calling. When you get a chance to, write down the phone number that has been calling and visit a reverse lookup site to get the name behind that phone number. Don’t let a cheater get to you any longer – check out a lookup site and find out who the owner of that number is right now.