Avoid Unscrupulous Taxis from Málaga Airport: Book a Transfer Instead

Feel safe and reassured knowing that you’ve booked an airport transfer from Málaga airport with a reputable company who will take you direct to your door.


Málaga is a great city,Avoid Unscrupulous Taxis from Málaga Airport: Book a Transfer Instead Articles full of friendly people, lively nightlife and a fun, vibrant atmosphere so it’s always a great experience for me to drive people to their hotels from the airport at the beginning of their holiday and to share their excitement. That’s why it makes me so cross when any visitor’s first experience of the city is a bad one in one of the unscrupulous taxis from Málaga airport.

While many of the taxi drivers who queue up outside the airport looking for fares are good, honest drivers, I’ve heard some stories which suggest you need to be careful when choosing a taxi.

A woman I drove to the airport recently told me that she’d had an awful experience when she’d arrived in Spain and picked up one of the taxis from Málaga airport. She’d arrived very early in the morning and got in the cab blurry-eyed and asked the driver to take her to her hotel. Halfway through the journey the driver had said his credit card machine was not working and she’d have to pay cash.

The woman apologised and said she didn’t have any cash, just her card, at which point the driver stopped the car, locked the doors and started shouting at her in Spanish.

The woman was, obviously, terrified and tried to explain that she had every intention of paying but that she just didn’t have any cash. It wasn’t until she used her mobile phone to call the police that the driver relented, unlocking the doors and telling her that he would take her to a cash machine before taking her on to her hotel.


Another client told me that a driver of one of the taxis from Málaga airport had informed him that he always carried a gun in his glove compartment to deal with ‘difficult’ customers. The man had been so frightened that the driver might consider him ‘difficult’ that he’d spent the rest of the journey agreeing with everything he said and even given a bigger tip than usual.

Avoid Unscrupulous Taxi Drivers at Málaga Aiport

Situations that you may well be able to handle back home can be frightening when they happen to you abroad. If you want to be sure of a safe, comfortable, eventless journey to and from Málaga airport, the best thing to do is book an airport transfer with a reputable airport transfer company before you travel.

With an airport transfer you can guarantee being met at the terminal by a vetted driver who will deliver you directly to your hotel door for a price that will be pre-arranged.