Bar Stools – What Should You Know Before You Purchase Them

It’s time to get those barstools and set up the bar entertainment area you have always wanted. But, what should you look for in bar stools? You obviously will initially be drawn to the looks of a set of bar stools that you like, but before you buy, take a few more things into account:

Height – While bar stools may look and feel the right height in the store, are you sure they will look and feel the same way at your bar? This is one case where a little homework can go a long way. Before you start shopping for stools, make a measurement of the height of the bar. Also measure how high the seat of the bar stools will have to be in order to allow your guests to comfortably sit at the bar and rest their elbows on the counter while you chat away an afternoon.

Seat – Have you ever had the experience where you’ve been on a seat that just wasn’t quite big enough to hold your whole backside? This is more often a problem with bar stools than it is with regular chairs. You don’t want your guests to feel like one side of their backside is going to slip off the chair. If they feel like they are always in the midst of a balancing act they are not going to be comfortable at your bar. You will get bonus points if you get cushioned or contoured seats that are more comfortable on the posterior.

Back – To have a seat back or not to have a seat back? That is an important question when purchasing bar stools. The answer comes in the form of a question as well? How long are your guests going to be sitting on those bar stools? If they are expected to be there for some time, you should be nice enough to give them backs to the bar stools so they can lean back and be comfortable while they are hanging out. If the barstools are just for decoration and a quick place to take a break, backrests are not as important.

Footrests – Once again, comfort is key in this. If people are going to be sitting at your bar for a long time, you want them to have footrests. Otherwise, their feet are uncomfortably dangling and will likely get on their nerves rather quickly. Remember, if you have swiveling bar stools, you need to make sure there are foot rests on each side so your guests don’t think one will be there and be shocked when it’s not.

Quality – You don’t want to skimp on the price when it comes to bar stools. These are going to get a lot of use. People will be getting on and off of them all the time and pushing them around. They need to be able to hold up to the workout they will get. The other option is to get a lower-quality bar stool and when it breaks, someone gets hurt and the party is over.