Black Friday at Eddie Stobart: Training Academy Peaks

As it turns out,Guest Posting Black Friday isn’t just about buying massively discounted TVs and iPads. Haulage companies are reaping the benefits, too. Eddie Stobart, a principal logistics and supply company based in the UK, used Black Friday to sell its popular courses at a discounted price and saw sign-ups to its Training Academy increase massively.

Impressive Results after Black Friday Training Discount

After launching a social media campaign that offered a 25% discount on their training courses, Eddie Stobart witnessed the number of drivers and businesses that register for their Academy increase by 200% (relative to the average number of sign-ups in the past months). The promotion was shared over 120 times by their followers and resulted in close to four-thousand visitors reading their further information section. Needless to say, it’s brilliant to see so many haulage companies looking to develop the skills of their drivers even further!

About the Training Academy

Although the courses used to be strictly in-house, the Eddie Stobart Training Academy opened its doors to other haulage companies, drivers and workers in September 2017. Their aim is to help the logistics and supply chain sectors to expand and improve key skills to remain competitive within the rapidly changing business environment.

They offer training courses for all aspect