Can 7 Sexy Techniques Get Your Blog Post Read Almost All the Time?

When thinking of writing a blog post, you need to give it a serious thought to your blog title. It is not a matter of what the title should be but how to write the title so that it JUMPS out at your readers. You could consider making your title controversial or bold in its message to grab attention or ask a question that everyone is concerned about within that niche. How to do this? I suggest two resources I use they are, really cool headlines over there and check out forums to see what people’s worries are. Another component which is also vital on the search engines perspective is keyword related headlines. Implementing keywords into your blog title is a great way to leverage traffic from the search engines so you really have to impress both human and robots to like how you write. ‘Be smart about how you go about this’.

Here are a couple of examples of well-written blog titles:

* Will Google Become the World’s Largest Affiliate?

* Tribes of Amazon Find an Ally Out of ‘Avatar’

Notice how each title contains two important keywords that not only catch the eye, but are also likely to be searched for by your target audience.

The Post: A few tips

* A blog post can be 200 to 500 words which is ideal. If you’re not comfortable with what you’ve written then read aloud to yourself to hear the flow of the content and make sure it is engaging to your audience and not too boring.

* Be generous with what you know and you will be regarded for it

* Don’t be rude in your post but be direct and on topic with what you are saying to your audience. Ensure your content is engaging and controversial people will respond to that. You should also inject your persona into your writing so t