Common Internet Marketing Company Myths And Schemes

Guaranteed ranking on page 1 on the major search engines in less than 30 days! We have a special relationship with Google, Bing, & Yahoo! Pay this amount per month and we will give you these keywords guaranteed in the top 3 results in the pay per click section!

How many of you reading this have gotten dozens if not hundreds of phone calls from internet marketing companies claiming at least one of the above? Heck, even I have and this is the industry that I am in.

Some companies try to mask themselves as Google. The pitch goes something like this: Automated Machine-“Hello, we need to verify your Google 411 listing, to update your FREE Google 411 listing please press 1.” Press 1. Automated response-“Please hold for the next available representative to verify your FREE Google 411 listing…cue in the elevator music.” Telemarketer picks up the line-“Hi, my name is A%&* and I am with (scam internet company name here), do you currently rank for the keywords you want on Google?!”

This article is going to clear up many of the things listed above in what you should NOT look for in a internet marketing company.

Myth #1:
Guaranteed ranking on page one in any time frame.

This is utterly impossible to do! Not to mention a company claiming this is not adhering to Google’s Aesthetic & Webmaster policy (see reference below). Most engineers that do work on the search algorithms at major search engine companies don’t even know what the entire algorithm is. They work on individual pieces like a chain of DNA. Only the elite in any search engine company will kn