Concierge Medicine – The Cure for Bad Moods

Do you or your kids suffer from bad moods when you leave the doctor’s office? Does having a doctor’s appointment effect your mood for the entire day when you know you’re going to have to take time off of work or get a sitter for the kids just to be left waiting in a waiting area with old magazines? Well, your not alone but you’re in luck because there is a cure.

In the mid 1990’s a new form of primary and family medicine was reinvented to work in today’s busy health care marketplace. It’s called concierge medical care or direct pay health care. It’s actually really simple. If you want to see the doctor, you call him and he or she actually pick up the phone. You tell them what you need and determine the urgency of the situation and most often, you’re seen in as little amount of time as it takes you to get to their office. Sometimes, the doctor will even come to your home, your office or schedule a time to video chat with you over a secure internet connection.

How Do I Pay The Doctor?

This is the amazing part. These visioneering physicians accept cash and many times, will tell you how much their service costs before you buy anything. Simple, right? Up until just the past few years, the health care marketplace was the only industry in America where consumers of service (ie patients) had no idea how much things cost. And, a survey summary released in July of 2010 reports that nearly 60 percent of these types of physicians cost as little as $136 per month.

What About Insurance?

Most physicians operating within this new way of doing business in their medical practice accept insurance. Eighty percent actually according to independent studies released in 2010.