Cosmetic Surgery: Use a Fractional Laser to Treat Your Skin

newest devices used to enhance skin. The laser can help reduce wrinkles, lines and other indicators of aging from your skin. This procedure works on a small area of your skin. The doctor will use the laser to treat layers of skin. It may appear that the laser breaks down the skin, but it actually helps your skin to rebuild. The treatments help to promote additional production of collagen and elastin, helping your skin to look younger and firmer.

Unlike other treatments, which may not be recommended for people with darker skin tones, the fractional laser can be used for people of all skin colors. There is no need to worry about the skin having a permanent darker appearance after the treatment. The treatment can also help with problems of discoloration. People who have stretch marks will find that the fractional laser can help lighten them.

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes. You can expect your skin to feel as if you have a sunburn. Your skin will also appear red after the treatment has been completed. You can ask your doctor when you can resume your usual daily activities.

The procedure can reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that appear around a person’s eyes. It can also reduce the appearance of discoloration and other issues due to acne. People who have lived with marks on their face from acne can see the marks lighten dramatically. The treatment can help lift years of damage from the sun from their face. If you have heard that your large pores could never be reduced, you will find that treatment with this laser can reduce the size of your pores.

If you are afraid of needles, you may be more comfortable receiving this treatment instead of some other cosmetic surgery, because you do not have to receive injections to fill out your lines and wrinkles. You can also receive treatment without surgery.

Your doctor may suggest that you take some over-the-counter medic