Day By Day Bikinis

Summer is coming and you need to be on point when it arrives. Don’t let it sneak up on you to where you end up looking like a deer caught in a pair headlights. This year’s micro bikini fashion is rampant with vibrant colors,Day By Day Bikinis Articles intense textures and daring styles. You need to access your swimsuit with lightning fast precision in order to keep up with the Jones’. Here are some daily bikini fashion tips so you’re ready for each moment of beachwear bliss.Monday Bikini FabulousStart out the week with a white halter top bikini with a matching whitetail bottom. Show how fresh and crisp your fantastic style is while flaunting your tanned body on the beach during lunch time. Stun them further by wearing a pair of white stilettos and a cute gold anklet. It’s your day.Tuesday Bikini ExtremePump up the volume on this day with a pink and black leopard mesh bikini. Delight them with your best assets by making sure it’s a thong. The illusional see-thru mesh will surely keep them coming back for more. Top it off with a black hat and jet black sunglasses to show them who’s really in control.Wednesday Bikini GlamourIt’s hump day so wow them with a soft pink triangle cut top and baby blue half pucker bottom. The soft pink shows your feminine side while the baby blue gives them something to think about.

Get some pink and blue glitter and sprinkle it all over your body so you are mad sparkly.Thursday Bikini DaringWipe out all your competition with an orange bandeau top and white thong bottoms. You’ll look like a creamsicle that everyone will want to taste. An orange scarf and white flip flops will surely confirm that all eyes are on you. If you get chilly, throw on a purple bikini cover up to cap off this one of a kind look.Friday Bikini GoldenShock your admirers by wearing a golden triangle top with a black and gold shirred skirt with panty bottom. Dance the night away on the beach with gold glitter, gold jewelry and don’t forget the gold toe rings. Black high heels are the cherry on top with this awesome look.Saturday Bikini BrazilianGo international by sporting a red butterfly top with a green low cut brazilian bottom. These vibrant colors will definitely captivate your audience while boasting your beautiful skin tone. Adding black pumps is a show stopper along with a pair of sheer gloves. You’ll be a brazilian extravaganza.Sunday Bikini Cool DownSit back and relax after a long week of being fabulous by wearing a cooled down beige sweetheart cut top and a brown full pucker back bottom. A colorful beige and brown necklace with a matching bracelet and rings will astonish your fans and make you feel complete. Leave the lipstick at home, clear gloss is the way to go.So now that you have a hot micro bikini outfit for every day of the week, go out and explore, engage and enhance your persona with unique swimwear combinations that will make you the talk of the town for weeks to come. Have fun.