Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loans

With the rise of consumer debt, an attractive mortgage option is the debt consolidation mortgage loan. With this loan buyers with significant consumer or personal debt can consolidate this debt into their mortgage loan. These loans offer the opportunity to gain control over your debt without resorting to a consolidation service whose aid can negatively impact your overall credit score.

Debt consolidation mortgage loans offer several distinct advantages to buyers or consumers with significant credit card or personal loan debt. First, the consolidation can often significantly lower the overall monthly debt bill. By paying a single bill each month, the amount will be significantly less than the unconsolidated bills.

Additionally, the debt consolidation mortgage loan is usually at or near mortgage loan interest rates, which is significantly lower than credit card rates and personal loan rates.

The interest paid on the debt consolidation mortgage loan may be tax deductible. As long as the total loan, principle mortgage and your consolidated amount, is not greater than 100% of your home value, the interest on that debt is tax deductible.

A final advantage is that the debt consolidation mortgage loan can help your credit score by reducing the amount of your revolving credit debt. If you have an existing mortgage and would like to consolidate your debt, this is primarily done by taking a home equity loan.

This is a loan against the equity acquired on your existing home and is offered at mortgage loan interest rates. However, the option exists for you to refinance your mortgage. Ask your lender or seek a new lender that provides the debt consolidation service.

By taking a debt consolidation mortgage loan, you are essentially placing your home as collateral against the debt. Before doing this, you must be certain that you can afford the consolidation loan payments.Failure to pay could cause you to lose your home. Additionally some lenders may require you to pay “points”, where each point is 1% of the consolidated amount. Be sure to discuss the specifics of your debt consolidation mortgage loan with your loan counselor.