Do Implants Really Improve Dentures?

In reality, implants and dentures don’t have to act separately. I and other dentists can combine these two treatments effectively. When that happens, you get implant dentures.

Per their name, implant dentures are those secured with strategic implants. They attach and “snap on” to the metal posts to remain stable. Given that fact, oral surgeons can often create them from a patient’s already-existing dentures. However, sometimes the restorations must be made from the ground up.

Of course, implant dentures do have their own requirements. If you’ve been without teeth for a while, your dentist may need to perform a bone graft first. Similarly, they might have to extract any decayed teeth and allow a healing time of several months. You should also note that full implant fusion takes a while. You may want this process to finish before getting customized dentures.