Five Strategies For Success – Riding the Wave of Changing Careers Trends

A friend who knows I am a specialist in career change recently asked me, “What industries are seeing growth and can anyone transition into those in-demand careers?” Her question was drawn specifically from a recent article in USA Today (see below), about how specific industries have been supported by recent developments, economic stimulus and economic developments. This article provides timeless strategies for you to always find answers to those critical

One of the best-kept secrets among working age adults are the many resources which are freely available for researching careers, career demand and training needs. Moreover, because we were raised in a culture of career allegiance, we do not frequently assess the need and strategies for changing careers. It is clear, however, that the days of the gold watch for serving one company thirty years are long past. This short article provides five strategies to revise our expectations and develop a new outlook to keep our career skills competitive and our employment options open.

1. Research: Once a month, check in and keep an eye on economic trends and career data. Mind you this does not have to be an onerous task. The Bureau of Labor has made it a two-click stop for us. Once you reach the State page for the Occupational Outlook site (see link below), then click information about the job market in each State. Pick whichever state you want and review the information to see current data. With just one step, you are no longer living in a void of current information!

2. Emerging Careers: Take a fresh look. With the current rapidly changing economies, politics, and technologies, new careers are emerging of which we might not be aware. The same source above, Occupation Outlook Handbook, will provide leads on the emergent careers, as well as current and future demands for them. Now cross reference that data with the training required, which is also listed there and you can evaluate those possibilities for yourself. Career changing is the wave of this era; do not be left behind.