Fountain of Youth Just For You!

You have the ability to be as old or as young as you would like to be. You have the power, the knowledge and the ability. And I was watching a television show today called BRAIN FITNESS. It is on Channel 13, and the show is giving an amazing narrative, documentary story about the brain and brain functions. After watching about thirty minutes of this show, my hunches were certainly clarified and confirmed. The more you use your brain, the more use you get out of your brain. The Brain Fitness program, from Channel 13, is this awesome media program that helps you learn how to use your brain better than you normally do. The doctor on the show says that to do the program, you just need access to a computer. I recommend that show if you see it listed in your television guide. (Many times the shows on 13 are repeated during the week).

That means that even people who do not own computers can take part in this positive brain change program.

I have proof of the fact that brain-programming does change your thoughts, your actions and even your success or failures. A long while back I was using certain cassette tapes to program my brain to be positive. I was after a certain goal and my goal required I think certain things. I cooperated with the entire cassette program and I was able to reach al