Ginger to the chicken curry: The all new Alto K10-cars for sale in india

rather trace the hatchback segment as a ‘kingmaker’ because it has got has got the power to decide the market leader with a whopping market share of 53%. Maruti Suzuki has always got it right when it comes to understanding the great Indian middle class; thehatchbacks like Maruti 800 had some type of bond with a blue collared Indian & with the Indian auto market too. The credit to this heat flux that the Indian hatch market is facing at the moment,Guest Posting with some of the biggest auto makers already adding to the heat, obviously goes to Maruti Suzuki. Now with the Alto as the India’s largest selling car,Maruti Suzuki has always looked to synchronise its speed with the fast speed of time & that is another reason why it still sits at that top position in the Indian market. It’s the festive season & it’s time for India’s most popular car to get synchronised with the constantly revving, time. The new Alto K10 is all set to inject the excitement with its new youthful looks, heavily upgraded interiors & all-new K-next engine that is now mated with an Automatic Manual Transmission & this unit sits in the heart of this peppy new Alto K10. Let’s find out how Maruti Suzuki has tried to up-shift the level of excitement.

I will describe the exteriors as the amalgamation of Celerio & the Alto 800, with the front looking like the former while the rear inspired from the latter. There is an all-new bumper with a wider air-dam along with a new rounded bonnet, new aggressive headlamps similar to those in Celerio &some additional chrome that lines symmetrical to the Suzuki logo, the VXI model gets body coloured side mirrors as well. As we move to the rear we fi