Giver get nothing but beating in most corporate

Giver suffers the most that is the law of nature. The corporate employees must learn and understand this natural law.

In nature,Giver get nothing but beating in most corporate Articles except green plants, all other life forms are nothing but consumers of different order i.e. direct consumers – the herbivorous and indirect consumers of green plants – the carnivorous. Green plants are the only producers of food in nature. Unfortunately, green cover only suffers the most. Green plants only directly suffer the indiscriminate and rampant destruction from man despite they offer incalculable good to kind less mankind.

Cow give milk, but once it looses its ability to give milk, the animal would be culled. So is the case with bull. The trees in the orchard or farm, be it coconut tree or mango tree, man will milk the tree to the maximum and once the yield depreciate, the trees will be cut and removed.

Expectations are always high from produces or givers and there will be no expectation from consumers or dependents.

In corporate, the expectations are always high from sales and marketing teams. Unless these ‘primary producers’ do their job properly, the growth and development of the organization will suffer the worst. Always the organization beat the sales team for result but the people in the R&D who speak Latin and Greek, produce no useful and relevant result will be spared.