Happy, Joyful Halloween!

This Halloween, do something completely different! Be bold! Wear Color! Be Beautiful! Shine! Smile! No one will recognize you! You will be the hit of the party!







All year, we are surrounded by people wearing black jackets, black pants, black sweaters, black tights, black skirts. Sadly, black maternity clothes, black children’s clothes, black birthday balloons, black bedrooms, black yoga mats, even black flowers. Black flowers?

When Hallowed eve comes around, (the evening before the day of the dead), what are we going to wear? Black just doesn’t stand out anymore. The novelty has worn off.

It used to be that if someone dear passed away, black was worn as a symbol of mourning. Now, it is just a symbol of hum-drum everyday life.

Halloween – a time when the dark and scary would roam the streets. Now life-forms in black are roaming the streets, filling the shops, infiltrating spa’s, day care centers, malls, hiding in restaurants, offices… in broad daylight. Every day!

We have been swamped by the color black, thanks to the fashion industry, the interior design industry, and possibly our own desire to blend in. According to the science of color therapy, surrounding ourselves with the color black, especially wearing black clothes, has a profound effect on our mood and our health. Traditionally black was the color of evil or death. In all the old movies, the villain wore black. Most artists and people who live in southern climates know that the color black absorbs light. It also absorbs the light of your spirit.* When the body no longer holds the light of the spirit, what is left living in this body? The hum-drum everyday mood!.

We have the idea that when we wear black we look slender, or elegant, or perhaps we think that no one will notice us. When we wear black we no longer stand out. We no longer shine. Has black has been used by the mostly male dominated fashion industry to disempower women, make them fade into the background?