Hiking, Camping and Adventure – Essential Gear Guide

No matter what the activity I think having a GPS, map and compass is all part of the fun. While navigation can easily be done with just a compass and map alone, logging and tracking your trip with a GPS and reviewing it later is really cool. A GPS also doubles as a sanity check when you think you might be getting off track.

Against the elements


There’s no doubt comfortable and practical clothing makes a good adventure. Part of any adventure should be comfortable footwear, high quality sunglasses and breathable fabrics. A good sleeping bag makes all the difference too hot is no good, too cold is no good, put some thought into a style that would suit your body.

Let there be light

Obviously a headlamp is a core part of night time adventure however so is an emergency wind up flashlight. If you’re out longer than expected batteries can die suddenly especially in the cold. A wind up torch provides a good emergency option and could save lives. Also, you should practice making a fire and have the means to easily make one. The best way is to use a flint-like device that throws sparks.

Getting into trouble

An essential part of any outdoor gear should be a small personal first aid kit. It’s best if you create your own so you know what’s in the