Homemade Chocolate Wedding Favors

Your wedding need not be costly if you are willing to do most of the chores instead of hiring professionals to help. Ask your relatives and friends for their advice on how to set things up for a wedding. Then select the tasks from the list which you know you are capable of doing yourself. Obtain the needed materials and get to work. This is especially true for chocolate wedding favors.


Chocolate wedding favors are easy to make by yourself. It is really just a question of making and decorating the small boxes that you will use to pack the chocolate into. This is easily done with some good cardboard. First, make the top and bottom of the box. The base size will depend on how much chocolate you want to stuff into the box and how small or large the chocolate chunks will be. Cut out and even number of 2×2″ squares from the cardboard. Then cut a 1″ wide strip from the cardboard. Out of that strip, form out a square that will fit inside the squares you cut earlier.

This will serve as the bottom side of the chocolate wedding favors box. Glue the end of the strip firmly against the rest of the strip. Then glue the bottom side to the 2×2″ square. Cut out another 1″ strip from the cardboard and make the top side of the box. The square on this one should just exactly accommodate the previous one. Glue the end of the square strip on itself and glue the box on another square piece of cardboard. This will serve as the top of the box. Remember to set the chocolate wedding favors box aside every time after gluing it for the adhesive to harden.

You can decorate the chocolate wedding favors box in many ways. You can treat glue small lacy ribbons on it or stick it with small artificial flowers to give accent. You can paste colorful wrapping paper on the top of the box. You can glue sea shells, bright coins, colorful buttons, custom jewelry, synthetic colored stones or sequins on the box to make it attractive and interesting.

Line the inside of the chocolate wedding favors box with some brown or white waxy and thin paper. The paper should just fit onto the top and bottom edges of the box sides. There should be enough of the paper on the right and left side of the box to be able to fold it in over the treats you intend to put there later.

On the other hand if you don’t feel up to making chocolate wedding favors boxes, you c