How To Become A Social Media Marketing Ninja In Clear Concise Steps

Most social media marketers are self-titled and this is not essentially a bad thing. The consensus is, it takes a certain level of hype and following for any marketer to label himself as a social networks marketing expert. However, it takes completely different level of expertise to be labeled as the next social media marketing ‘Ninja’.

Here is a consensus on just what it takes to reach this level and how it can improve your social networking quotient for the future platforms.

Professional journey

The first step is to create an impressive professional portfolio. It is impossible to throw your weight as an expert if you have nothing to show for it. Start with the basics and learn the trade. You will be amazed to find many self proclaimed experts who still have a lot to learn about the various social platforms and might just be contenting themselves with 4-5 basic social media networks.

Yes, it works in your favor if you are an expert in one particular platform, but the competition is so fierce, that will not be enough to establish your demand in the niche. You should also keep time to the pulse of social networks because your expertise will be in customizing solutions for new businesses according to the network that will best serve their niche.

Main skills you require are creativity, writing skills and the flair for understanding business to consumer interaction. If you take it further, you might also need public speaking skills, they are great way to publicize your expertise.

Tech Ninja

Do not forget to keep your terms with the APIs and the various tweaks that you can technically introduce to your social media solution for any client. These tweaks differentiate you from the many social marketers who