How to choose the right car refrigerator

There is no doubt,How to choose the right car refrigerator Articles if you need a large refrigerated space, which is what you want to select the refrigerator. Upgrade from the ice bucket to the fridge can make your next camping easier and more comfortable, as long as you choose the correct type and size.

All of these can be put into a huge 80-liter refrigerator, which can have a great space to put more meat. If you often large group of people to go out camping, then you should consider the size of a refrigerator

In fact, car refrigerator can be lost in your car to any one location, as long as connected to the power supply and a place can accommodate. But many people like to place the refrigerator in the car a fixed position, such as the trunk. When you want a refrigerator full of food from the car, dragged out of the fridge slide the presence of very popular. The bottom of the slide rail bolt in the floor of the trunk or storage drawer on top, open the slide switch on the refrigerator through the wheel bearing slide out.

Refrigerator slide in order to facilitate you pick up the box of food, need to be retrofitted by a professional tuner, fixed on the floor.

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