How to Clean Blinds and Save Time

Blinds are such a great accessory in the home because they are both extremely functional as well as decorative, coming in many types and styles. Each of the different types of blinds calls for different measures when it comes to cleaning them, below are some helpful tips for ensuring that those blinds can not only block out sunlight but add to the overall appeal to the room themselves.

A brush attachment for the vacuum cleaner can become a cleaners best friend. Whether the blinds are wood, plastic, or metal, these handy brushes will vacuum away dirt particles and dust from the blinds. Close the slats when vacuuming in order to reach the most surface area. For the most common type of blinds, the plastic ones or vinyl ones, this will usually suffice along with a quick wipe with a cloth for cleaning the blinds. They are very easy to work with! If there are any stubborn spots, use a lukewarm cloth and wipe gently.

Fabric blinds, while a gorgeous addition to the house, are harder to clean. Vacuuming weekly is a good idea to prevent dirt build up, but sometimes a bit more will have to be done. Never use cleansers on fabric blinds because they can easily stain. With a microfiber towel, wipe at the blinds while the towel is dry and then with a damp towel that has all excess moisture wrung out, wipe the blinds carefully.

Wooden blinds need a special approach so that water doesn’t warp the blinds or cause discoloration. Wipe with a dry cloth and they should be spic and sp