How Water Can Help You Become an Early Riser – 3 Tips on How to Use Water for Early Rising

They say that water is the universal solvent because it can dissolve almost anything. Additionally, it has the ability to cleanse your internal organs by washing away impurities and harmful toxins inside your body. Water is also used to quench thirst and generally cleanse all dirty things; from clothes to statues. Today, you will witness how water can help you rise on your journey to become an advanced early riser. Here are three tips on how to use water for early rising.

· Drink Water before You Sleep – Drinking water at least three to four hours before you go to bed will produce relaxing effects to your body. Milk has same effects but water is better especially for lactose intolerant. Just be careful not to overdo it because it can also destroy your sleeping pattern due to frequent urination.

· Get Up From Your Bed and Wash Your Eyes – This will give you an idea where to place your loud alarm clock. If your bathroom is close to your bedroom, you must put your clocks there and let the ringing sound echo inside your bathroom walls. Placing it beside the sink will remind you that you should wash your eyes at this time. This can prevent you to go back to your bed.An advanced early riser uses this method always.

· Drink Water Once Your Alarm Clock Rings – If your bathroom is away from your bedroom then your last resort is to place a glass of water beside your alarm clock. Once your alarm clock buzzes, turn it off and get the glass of water beside it. Drink it so you have already done an activity which will help you finish more activities thereafter.

This is just some of the techniques used by an advanced early riser. There are still more methods on how they use water to help them rise early. Now that you have witnessed the miraculous effects made by water, aren’t you glad that you don’t have to buy tons of batteries for your alarm clock? So, go on and utilize all these techniques and live a brand n