HVAC Regular Maintenance

It is at least as important to give your HVAC system a tune up as it is your car and just like your neighborhood mechanic, your neighborhood maintenance technician will perform test to your AC system to keep it running well. It does not matter if you just bought your home or business, or if you have had your HVAC system for a long time. Maybe the previous owner did not know or remember how often there was a maintenance check, or maybe he can provide you with a maintenance schedule, but does not know the quality of work, or if the technician had the proper training and enough experience. It is still important to set up an appointment for a technician to come in, who you know is both a professional who has experience and is licensed, to do a maintenance check right away.


Even after all the time and effort it takes people to research and find the right HVAC system for their home or a business, they still tend to forget to schedule regular maintenance checks probably due to getting sidetracked on other pressing matters. Next thing you know a year has gone by and you still have not scheduled regular maintenance checks. If you intend to keep your system running well for many years, you have to remember to have it checked and tested on a regular basis. The HVAC system in your home or business is a very important asset, especially in the heat of the summer or on those bone cold nights of winter.

The Importance of Maintenance

If you HVAC system goes too long without maintenance, it will start to collect too much dust and dirt. Likewise, so will the condensing unit outside, which will become covered with dirt, dust, fallen tree limbs and leaves; this will in turn lower its efficiency. If this continues year after year, the HVAC system will begin to lose about 5 percent of its prime operating efficiency. After a five year period of no maintenance, your expensive HVAC system will only be running at about 75 percent of prime efficiency, which will make the system work that much harder, which in turn will drive your power bill right through the roof. HVAC systems make up a large portion of a utility or power bill so by keeping the s