Ice Grips For Shoes – Avoiding Personal Injury and Financial Loss With Simple Prevention

With another brutal winter more odds on that against this winter, ice grips for shoes must surely be considered essential prevention against personal injury.

Each and every year, thousands of people fall and seriously injure themselves whilst slipping on icy pavements and roads. The statistics in northern parts of the UK have suggested increases of up to 2300% relating to personal injuries due to slipping on ice or snow. These statistics are mind blowing and there are one or two main reasons for such an exponential rise in this danger to personal health.

The winters during the past two seasons have been harsh to say the least. With snow levels not seen in two decades returning to British shores after many mild winters, the sudden arrival of such weather was not something people prepared for.

Secondly and linked really to the point above, the local authorities were also not prepared financially for such brutal conditions. With budgets based upon expenditure from previous years, of course after mild winters, the stock piling of resources for snow and ice were at a minimum. In essence nobody was ready to deal with the recent arctic winters!

Although most roads have been kept open with regular gritting during the last two winters, public pavements have suffered. Councils are overwhelmed and it is impossible to expect the local authorities to clear every path.

It is almost assured that if people were better prepared and used ice grips for shoes, less injuries would occur. Many of those injured whilst slipping on ice in recent years surely could have prevented these terrible accidents, reducing persona grief and the cost to the health service.

Even if you have the proper footwear for treacherous conditions, it is not always possible to avoid slipping on ice. A fall from even a couple of feet can cause bone crushing injuries that take a very long time to heal. In the meantime, those injured will be incapacitated and probably unable to walk or even go to work. What is so frustrating is that most people when questioned in the UK were not even aware of anti slip aids such as ice grips for shoes!

Ice grips for shoes are a great alternative to minimise slipping or falling in severe