Info on Sims 3

Finally there is info on Sims 3, the triquel to the hot life simulation game! This is a whole new virtual world that you can do and live like normally you do in a real life. You will be able to explore the world outside your home. Now Sims 3 has new features and players have ability to interact with every building in their neighborhood. The developer quotes “what you do outside your home now matters as much as what you do within”. Sims 3 allows you to wander around a new world where they can have six needs (which was eight in Sims 1 & 2) like hunger, bladder, energy, social hygiene and fun. The social behavior is now affected by many social events. Sims 3 has a new system: Wishes and Opportunities, which was Want and Fear System in the previous version. There are lots of changes in Sims 3 like there are difficulty levels for each family and now pregnant Sims may give birth.

Overall there are eleven careers and they can apply for the jobs in a workplace building that is located in the neighborhood. Sims can now control their work behaviors to increase their productivity. There are opportunities like possible promotion, part-time work, take work to home or doing overtime, receiving raises, rewards, additional payments if the performance is good at work.

It is rather very flexible to create a character in Sims 3. You have wider choices to make best looking Sims which is according to your preferences like your weight, how you dress and how your hair looks and your clothes. Players now have an option to customize their things. Sims 3 has some very drastic changes than its previous versions. Fitness bars that describe individual fitness have been added. Moreover, there is full customization of the way you look from the hairs to texture of clothing. New personality configuration made more complex in The Sims 3 by replacing the old style by combination of traits allowing Toddlers to have two traits and a new one is added in each stage of life. So now it works as: child has 3 stages, teen has 4 and young adult has 5 and they can now inherit their parents’ traits from now on. The new improved buy and build modes allow Sims to move the furniture very easily than before along with “auto roof” function th