Intelligent traffic information integration and processing program

systems become clothes, food, shelter, guarding the line. In particular, the last two years, the urban car ownership is gradually increased, road accidents, congestion status has become commonplace. In order to be able to quickly and efficiently solve the travel problem, the gradual implementation of intelligent transportation systems played an important role in practical applications.

Intelligent Transportation Systems focus on a wide range of traffic information applications and services, transport facilities and operating efficiency. It can be understood as the field of transport managers, can be understood as a system to combine different products in the traffic areas. Intelligent transportation systems, including electronic police monitoring system also includes vehicle management, vehicle control, multimedia information. From the system, we can clearly see, with the intelligent transportation system continues to expand Shopping (, video surveillance system is gradually to the intelligent management, integrated applications to move closer.

Intelligent transportation system management capabilities expression First in fleet management and vehicle control in showing the diversity of information collection and handling. Deal with different weather, different traffic accidents, it is bound to take a different approach; in information collection, the car is equipped with a vehicle positioning system monitoring command center for real-time monitoring of vehicle running position and the car.

Secondly, intelligent transportation systems not only is the vehicle information to track and locate the congested road traffi