Internet Streaming Radios: The Radios of The Future Available Today! Listen In

even your own music files stored on the hard drive of your home computer, on a device that is as compact size and portable as a clock radio.

Internet radios bring great music to any of the rooms of your home and you don’t even need to power up your computer. Also know as wi-fi radios, they include an integrated amplifier and speakers, and can deliver your digital music anywhere that you have access to a wireless network.

Think of being able to listen to the channels that you created on Pandora in the garage, while you work on your car, in the kitchen as you are cooking a meal, or even in the bathroom while taking a bath! The majority of these devices also enable you to play the music that you currently have stored on the harddrive of your computer through them as well. In other words, with an internet radio player, you can stream your own music and listen to it in any room of your home.

Another nice feature about internet music players is that they are easy to set up. Usually, you just plug them in and enter the login and passwords of your home wireless network. Within a few minutes, the device automatically finds your home wireless network and connects to the internet. It then begins displaying a list of hundreds, even thousands, of internet radio stations that are available to listen to from all over the globe.

You can also set up services like, Pandora, and others to pl