Jewellery Is A Beauty

Jewellery is something that is that people wear to enhance the beauty or we can say jewellery is something that beautifies the person who wears it. Things such as rings,Guest Posting necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, hairpins etc are included in jewellery. Jewellery is a word that is derived from the word ‘Jewel’.Jewellery is made up of different things these things include gemstones, gold, silver, white gold, titanium, palladium, diamond, beads, shells etc. Some of the gemstones which are used in jewellery are Amber, Jade, Jasper, Amethyst, Sapphire, Turquoise, Ruby, Quartz, Emerald etc. Alloys are also used in jewellery. The metals used in jewellery are mostly gold, silver or platinum. Jewellery may contain diamonds or other gemstones embedded on it but its metal finishing is done by gold, silver or platinum. There are other materials that are used in jewellery such as glass, wood, ivory, bone, natural clay, polymer clay etc. Commonly diamonds are used in wedding ring with finishing of gold.

Jewellery around the world is used for number of reasons some of them are:

As jewellery contains precious metals and gemstones it is also used as currency. People use this to show off their wealth as jewellery is expensive to make. People also store jewellery because it is expensive and its prices are going up mostly. Most people especially females wear it for their personal use and also for show off. It is used to show the status of a person for e.g. if a person is wearing very expensive jewellery then that person is considered to be rich and if a person is wearing cheap jewellery then the person is considered to be poor. Jewellery is also used for body modification in countries like Africa, Myanmar, Thailand and some more countries. If we go through the history of the jewellery then we see that jewellery have a very long history. But we will see brief history of jewellery. First time jewellery was discovered in Africa about 75,000 years ago at Blombos Caves. In Kenya about 40,000 years ago it was discovered at Enkapune Ya Muto. About 7000 years ago copper jewellery was discovered.