Keeping Poultry at Home in the Garden

Have you ever considered keeping chickens either for eggs or as pets? Possibly not, though there are many good reasons to do so as they make surprisingly good pets and ones that actually give a little back in the form of fresh eggs on your breakfast table.

Raising chickens can be reasonably in-expensive and very satisfying providing you follow a few basic guidelines. Have the kids been pestering you for a pet? Then chickens may well just be the answer. Most hobbyist chicken farmers will tell you that they love it and wouldn’t go back to not keeping chickens.

Here are my top 7 tips for getting the most out of your chickens and the best ways to ensure their long life and fruitful egg production. Depending on the amount of chickens you intend to keep really can make a difference to how you keep your chickens, this guide covers keeping 3 to 4 chickens in an average sized back garden keeping to a minimal budget:

1) The Chicken’s Home or Coop: If you are already considering keeping chickens then you probably already have an idea of what your chicken coop should look like, some people imagine a picturesque hen house complete with weather vain, chicken run and a loyal family pet dog standing guard over your new brood. This can be a reality for less cost than you might imagine.

Make sure your chicken coop is Sturdy and weather proof, chickens like nothing more than being kept warm and dry.

2) The Chicken Run: Any self respecting urban chicken farmer will have a chicken run, we have all seen the film so there are no excuses. Your chickens are lively creatures and enjoy a bit of space to roam around, scratch, peck and generally to be a chicken in. It is quite safe to let them roam around your garden, you will enjoy throwing some grain on the lawn and watching them potter about. Though, if you are a keen gardener, chickens really do love the taste of flower petals, I get the impression that the more colourful the tastier they seem to the chicken.