Looking to be a full stack developer? Here is what you need to know

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Before getting into who is a full stack developer and what he does, let us first break this down and see it in part. So what is this stack? A stack can be in parts, anything which makes up a whole application. In other terms, we can call it as parts of an application which help run the system. Some of the common stacks are UI/UX, data libraries, mainframe work and a lot of other things. It includes all the internal and external applications like the server, the database, and the operating system. Thus a full stack developer is associated with developing all that is a need for an application to run and give results. Most of the times a stack is always referred to as something that is internal but a full stack developer has the ability to work on a lot of things associated with the stack.

Here we get to know that a full stack developer looks after a lot of things but can he really become full stack developer looking after a lot of things? Here we have a small testimonial section of John who did a full stack developer courseand later joined an MNC as a full stack developer. So here is John’s version of the story. “As a full stack developer, I was put in developing the UI/UX of an application. I was assisted by a bunch of developers, test engineers, and hardware engineers. These people help me set up the framework on which I can play along. So it is not just me who will be taking care of everything whereas I will be managing a lot of stuff to be delivered to the customer”. So from the above statement, it would be clear that a full stack developer doesn’t need to look after everything out there.