Make Children’s Toys From Convenience Store Packaging

Tossing boxes, cans, and tins into the trash the moment you open something seems like a waste. It is also very bad for the environment, since something that’s still perfectly useful is immediately sent to the landfill. Why not try making them into toys and craft projects instead? Recycling packaging from items purchased from your local convenience store can lead to hours of crafting fun.

Coin Bank

Take the resealable plastic can from potato chips and turn them into coin banks. Clean the can thoroughly with paper towels, making sure that no scraps of food are left inside. Wrap the outside of the can with gift wrapping paper or construction paper, and decorate further with sticker, stamps, and drawings. Finally, slit the top of the plastic cap with a small hole big enough to fit a coin. Put the top back on the can and seal with clear tape — and you have a coin bank!


Take a paper towel tube and seal one end with a piece of paper taped securely over the hole. Pour a cup of rice, beans, or lentils into the tube. Seal the other end with another piece of paper, and again wrap securely. Take some flat-headed dressmaking pins and insert them into the tube randomly; be careful not to go through the other end and poke a hole on the other side. Finally, wrap the outside with construction or wrapping paper to protect little hands from the pins, and decorate as desired. Every time you shake the tube, it makes a sound similar to a gentle rain.