Making sure you choose the right dog for you

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and have a whole range of very different personalities and characteristics. There are literally hundreds of breeds of pedigree dogs and an infinite number of mixed breed dogs. Hopefully,Making sure you choose the right dog for you Articles when you get a dog you are about to spend the next ten to fifteen years with your new pet. So it is very important that you make a good decision in the type of dog that you choose.

You want to ensure maximum compatibility with the dog so that you have a harmonious relationship together and that the dog fits in with your lifestyle, accommodation and fulfils what it is that you want to get out of owning a dog. From all of the choice of dog breeds available then, where do you start in choosing the type of dog that is right for you?

There are obviously some very basic and important considerations to start off with such as: one dog or more, size of the dog, long hair or short, character and personality type of the dog and whether it is important that the dog is good with children or not.

Domestic dogs were almost certainly descended from wolves and adapted, by selective breeding, over the years to produce a much human friendlier animal, often with specific work purposes in mind.

For simplicity, modern dogs are often divided up into seven broad categories based on their characteristics and what they were bred to do. When choosing a dog it can be helpful to start off with which broad group of dog is most appealing to you, before looking at the individual breeds within the group in more detail. In order to help you do this