Medical Fascism Dealing With The Establishment’s Destructive Health Regime

For some years now I’ve been a staunch supporter/campaigner for all things natural health based. I’ve been saying that ultimately “Your health is in your hands.” Health and longevity depends on paying heed to 4 vital factors. They are 1. The food you eat, 2. Your outlook on life, 3. Getting enough exercise and 4. Dealing with environmental toxicity…

These 4 vital factors that support good health have been verified over and over with battle – ship sinking sized evidence to show their effectiveness. However, more so now than ever, for the health of you, your family and friends it is extremely necessary to look further afield.

– There are a growing number of factors tied to politics and the corporatism agenda that have become a growing threat, counterproductive to health. Let me explain with some examples.

Medical fascism rears its ugly head

Recently there was an article in the mainstream media ‘USA Today’ saying in so many words that “Parents who refuse vaccinations for their children should be imprisoned… ”

This article played down the reasons why the parents would object: That vaccines have been known to cause irreversible damage to children’s health or have even killed.., no mention of the fact that the pharmaceutical companies have been made exempt from prosecution from vaccine damage. Nothing was said about the toxic contents of vaccines and the whistleblowers who have co