More than “Just Mom”

you a good listener, do your eyes twinkle like no others? Embrace what makes you the very special woman that you are, and always have been. Nurture that part of you that is not necessarily a mom or a wife, that part of you that always has been. Taking care of your spirit and being good to yourself is not selfish, its necessary. This will not only help you, this will help your family. Your daughters will learn the importance of being there for yourself, and your sons will learn to respect a woman’s “me time”, her mystery. Your husband will notice a change in you, and he will have even more respect for you because you will be showing respect for yourself.

How do you embrace your womanhood?

Take a scheduled break from everything and do something just for you-yes, I realize that it sounds impossible, but 10-15 minutes each day can make all the difference in the world. You need to do what makes you feel like yourself, whether its reading a trashy novel over coffee to plucking your eyebrows, giving yourself a facial, painting your nails, exercising, putting on that too red lipstick, deep conditioning your hair, painting or crafting, smelling flowers in your garden, taking a bubble bath, listening to your favorite song…the list can go on forever. . Your family will learn to expect and respect your “me time” if you communicate with them, for example, “For now on, Mom is not to be disturbed from 8-8:30am”. The point is, do what feels good to you, and you will not resent doing everything that the rest of the world is demanding of you.