Motorcycle Riding Rules for 2013

safe in the basic skills of driving. Driving theory test is design in such a way that people should pass the motorbike practical test and titlehazard perception test.New law on driving license will be taken place from 19 January 2013. It will adversely affect the existing riders and learner riders. These changes include certain age limits,Guest Posting category of vehicles, types of vehicles. Even a bit change can make a large difference in driving unless and until if you are not aware of certain rules and regulation. Some changes might take place on 19 January 2013. This could affect the motorbike learner drivers.Rules for all mopeds and motorcycles/ motorbikes used for motorbike test:

    1. Be legal and roadworthy have no engine warning lights showing.
    2. The moped engine capacity should not exceed more then 50 cubic centimeters (cc).
    3. The speed limit should not be more then 32miles per hour (mph), which is 50 kilometers per hour (km/h).
    4. New learner should display L-plates (‘L’ or ‘D’ plates in Wales) on