Nail Care And Polish

Unfortunately, also like hair, people have varying strengths, not to mention the damage we do to our nails by biting them. Nail biting is a nervous habit that it incredibly hard to break, I know this from experience! Part of the problem arises from the fact that we don’t know when we are doing it! There are dozens of foul tasting liquids available to paint on your nails that are meant to stop you biting them and they work for some, but to be honest I got used to the taste!

I cured my nail biting by taking a trip to a salon and getting nail extensions. Although I was a lifetime biter, I was very aware of how ugly my hands were due to my nails and would hide them at every opportunity. When I walked out of that salon I felt like a different person. My friends laughed at my exaggerated hand movements when I talked, purely because I wanted them to look at my hands for the first time ever. Nail extensions come in many types and can last for different length of time. I had the gel extensions which can`t fall off, they grow off gradually and you get the gaps filled in every few weeks or so. Eventually, I was left with long nails, but they were very weak due the length of Time I had bitten them for. I was advised to try Biotin, a vitamin B supplement that helps greatly in nail strengthening. It does work, but I still treat myself to manicures to ensure that my hands always look good. I`ve never been tempted to bite them again, but no doubt will have developed another nervous habit that no one has pointed out to me yet!

Even if you are blessed with naturally strong nails, everyday life can really take its toll on them. There are a few tips to take care of your nails while doing day to day chores. Always wear rubber gloves to do washing up. The detergent properties in washing up liquid can soften the beds of the nails and weaken them. Always use emery boards and not metal nail files to shape your nails. Come in from each side to meet in the middle, don`t go back and forth in a sawing motion. If you haven`t the time or the money to go to a salon for a professional manicure, treat yourself to one of the kits that you can do at home. These have easy to follow instructions and can really make your nails look attractive.

As far as nail polish is concerned, less is definitely more. Always start off with a base coat which protects your actual nail. Then apply no more than two thin coats of polish, leaving time for the first to dry completely before adding the second. When the second coat is totally dry, finish off with a top coat. This acts as protection for both your nails and your polish.

There are many ways to improve the appearance of your nails and therefore