Offshore Development – Choose Your Partner Wisely

I would like to prepare a checklist of items which you can refer while going on hunt for outsourcing partners. Here is that.

1. Where are they located: Make sure that the company has a website, they have valid physical address mentioned on the website with phone number. I would recommend Indian offshore developers for many reasons.  Reliable, Experienced, Good English, stable economic and political structure and Lot more could be accounted towards Indian web development companies.

Location also refers to the region, like which city or state they are operating from, if you are really interested to save cost, prefer tier two cities than tier one cities. You can Google for tier two cities in India and you will get the list. Another reason for tier two cities selection is the people are from nearby rural areas and they are hardworking due to the geographical area.

2. Web development Experience: Mere website designing experience is not accounted for major or critical web development. You should detail your requirements to your selected web development company and ask for detailed proposals. If in case you are engaging into full time PHP developers or developers team, test the skills of programmers with telephonic interview.

3. Compare Rates with other Companies: you can select one company as your outsourcing provider but don’t forget to compare their rates with other companies in same city. There could be a minor difference but it should not be more than 10% of difference between two providers in same city.  Now a days good PHP developers or web designers in india are available at just $7-$10 an hour. and if you are going for a long term relationship, you might get a quantity discount too. So don’t miss a chance to save little more.

4. Attitude of the developers: The attitude is the highest ranked parameter to judge the company capability and their long term goals. See how they act or react when you ask for some changes in your website. You should select people with openness and flexibility because its responsibility of your offshore developer to retain you as a customer and if you are sending end client work, the w