Permanent Makeup – Should You Seek Out a Doctor, a Nurse Or an Artist?

Who is qualified to apply a tattoo near the eyes?

This subject comes up quite often and is a legitimate concern to many women looking for the convenience of having Permanent Cosmetics applied to their skin. Permanent Makeup, like almost every talent, is technique dependent and requires no medical attention. To be able to apply a very thin line to a delicate area such as the eyelid requires talent, skill and mostly experience. Many women in their quest for the permanent convenience of applying Permanent Makeup will end up at the doctor’s office. Truth be told there are very few doctors in the Permanent Makeup arena that could apply Permanent Makeup more accurately, safely, and more creatively than a Permanent Makeup Artist.

Not all artists are the same… Like any source it must have value. You certainly would not enter into a cosmetic procedure with a surgeon unless he or she is highly recommended and certified. It is very important to consult with a Permanent Makeup Artist and research their qualifications and background. Portfolio viewing is a must and ask for testimonials and ask to call some of their last clients for referrals if you have not been given one of your own. Many, if not all, would be supportive of you contacting their last clients. If your find this to be a concern and the artist is hesitant, this may not be the place for you can be an amazing life changing choice for many women. The freedom and ease of having makeup permanently applied can free up many hours and eliminate the frustration of applying makeup every day. The level of skill is equally important and along with experience comes creativity. Brows can be tattooed one hair at a time offering a very natural look almost more perfect than nature itself. An artist is looking directly at you and should be able to adjust even the slightest imperfections.

An experienced artist would find eyeliner to be the easiest area to apply. The eye liner should also be completely painless. This question about discomfort is an important question to ask as not every artist uses the same