Professional/Categorical Directories vs. Search EnginesProfessional/Categorical Directories vs. Search Engines

For the past year we have been submitting to search engines and through tweaks,Guest Posting changes in Meta Tags, and resubmitting, watched our search engine listing move to the top or close to it on several of the top search engines. But this is not where the majority of our traffic comes from.
We have submitted to literally thousands of Free for All Links (FFA), classifieds, and are involved in several different types of the MLM ads. But this is also not where the majority of our traffic comes from either.

Where does the traffic come from?

The suspense is killing you so we will let you have it. The Majority by far, uncontested, and definitely the most productive for our marketing efforts is Directories that specialize in our field or occupation. Without fail these directories pull over 90% of the traffic to our website. We found that when doing a search on many of the search engines, the search engine does not pull our site up directly or first, but the site of the directory comes up with a link to our listing on that directory, and then from the directory a direct link to our web site.
The directories we have listed (free) with are at the top of the search engines already and with the specialization in the field, draws the most qualified or interested parties to the directory.