Samsung UE40B8000 LCD TV

And whenever you get into account the sturdy table-top stand sporting a brushed metallic surface,Guest Posting the see-through pedestal stem, and the “deactivatable” (it would still blink in response to any remote keypress even if you elected to switch it off in the user menu) blue LED indicator light peeking through the bottom from the solar panel, it’s hard not to fall in adore with the Samsung UE40B8000’s exquisite style which befits a flagship Television.Firstly, the main remote for Samsung UE40B8000 sends RF signals instead of the usual infrared. Once “paired” with the UE40B8000, the RF remote manage allows you to operate the Television with out you getting to aim the clicker at the television, as well as be within the same room. Neat!

Samsung has also put a clickable scroll wheel that may be physically rotated (like those found on the first generation of Apple Ipods) on the main remote. Unfortunately this turned out to be more hindrance than help: the slight on-screen navigational delay created it hard for us to judge how far we’ve scrolled along the menu options; yet when we reverted to clicking for manoeuvring the menu, the scroll wheel was nevertheless sensitive sufficient to draw us into generating the occasional mistake (e.g. accidentally scrolling 1 step extra).

Perhaps an unavoidable side impact of its super-slim construct and edge-mounted LED backlighting, the Samsung UE40B8000 flat-panel television evinced slightly worse screen/ backlight uniformity than the latest conventional CCFL-backlit LCD TVs. Even after calibration – and with the aid of auto-dimming – we observed some backlight bleed and clouding especially within the darker (below 20% stimulus) full-field grey check patterns.