Search Engine Optimization – How to Increase Your Web Site’s Rankings

increase your rankings in search engines. Basically, if your domain name doesn’t figure among the top 10 results of a search query – the results displayed on the first page of a search – your chances of getting traffic are drastically diminished.

There are a few things you can do to increase a Web site’s ranking in Google and similar search engines. There are also many pitfalls you should be aware of and avoid.

When they start a search on the Internet, most people will go to a search engine. The most popular are those provided by Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Some people use others, but frankly, if your Web site is ranked pretty high by one of these three, chances are you’re on your way to success.

To increase your rankings among these engines, you can choose either an easy way – i.e. spamming in its different forms – or a hard way, which will probably be more profitable in the long run. Spamming can artificially inflate your rankings and the number of visitors your site receives. But unless the services you offer are really worth it, you’re not going to stay on top of the rankings for long.

Do not participate in text spamming. Text spamming can be described as repeating key words over and over on one Web page in the hope that a search engine will rank the page higher when someone does a search with certain key words. Many Web sites use this technique. Even respectable companies like BMW used to do it … until Google blacklisted them. The fact is that the companies in charge of the search engines are fully aware of t

Do not participate in bogus Web rings. Another attempt to fool the search engines spiders is to create links with other Web sites just because Google and the like give credits to links. In the same style, some people go to blogs to write comments just so th