Sexiest Tattoo Designs – The Sexiest Tattoo Designs Revealed!

The first type of tattoo that really excites people is the tribal tattoo. For men this can really turn on a woman. Having a tattoo like this wrapping around a muscular biceps and shoulder will excite any girl. For woman, a tribal tattoo on the lower back can be the most exciting thing to a man. Even if just a tiny bit shows while you walk down the halls you will have a never ending supply of complements.

The second type of tattoo I recommend is a heart. On a man, the heart makes him seem sensitive but the right artwork can also show his masculine side as well. Women are very interested in a man who can show his sensitive side. The placement of the heart is very important. Usually the upper arm or chest are the best places for this tattoo. This also gives you a reason to take off your shirt to show a girl. For women, the heart is very sexy no matter how the art is done. The right placement on the hip o