Smart cards

A Smart Card or Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) is very small as any pocket-sized card with embedded integrated circuits which can process data. It can receive input which is processed by way of the Integrated Circuit Card applications and delivered as an output.

This Integrated Circuit may consist only of EEPROM in the case of a memory card,Guest Posting or it may also contain ROM, RAM and even a CPU.

Smart Cards have been designed with the look of a credit or debit card, but can function on at least three levels, credit – debit – personal information. Smart Cards include a microchip as the central processing unit, random access memory (RAM) and data storage of around 10MB.

Smart Card is a mini-computer without the display screen and keyboard. Smart cards contain an operating system just like personal computers. Smart cards can store and process information and are fully interactive. Advanced smart cards also contain a file structure with secret keys and encryption algorithms. Due to the encrypted file system, data can be stored in separated files with full security.