Software Development in Mumbai and Maharashtra

In 2009 Mumbai was named the Alpha World City and is also the wealthiest city of India and has the highest GDP in South, West and Central Asia. It is also the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. As such Mumbai is well connected to the world and in ways, better than Bangalore. In fact, in Mumbai a special economic zone has been created with liberal economic laws as compared to the rest of India which promotes rapid economic growth using tax and business incentives and attracts foreign investment and technology.

With several institutes, colleges and universities in Mumbai offering courses in Information Technology and Computer programming, the number of fresh talent only increases every year by several thousands in Mumbai alone. Thus talent is plentiful. This ensures quick completion of projects, and that too at very affordable prices as there is a steady increase in supply as per the demand.

Mumbai is the first city from where the IT boom started and later spread to Bangalore. Being the oldest city in terms of IT, it still retains quite a lot of value. With several big and small companies catering to Development projects along with several thousand fresh recruits joining the ranks every year.

Mumbai, with its vast and the most experienced city in terms to Software should n