Today is Mother Gayatri’s birthday. This is a very grand day. There was a time when Mother Gayatri was Mother of Vedas since she had given birth to all the Vedas. She had given birth to all cultures and civilizations. At that time Mother Gayatri had become Mother of Vedas. After that she became Mother of Divinity. India’s citizens were divine in those times. They themselves ate very frugally yet fed others sumptuously. They ate less but fed others much more. Brahmins ate less but fed others more. Rishis ate less but fed more. Indian citizens ate less but fed others more. Indian citizens shared their wealth with the entire world. They then traveled to other countries like Indonesia, America and the entire world and spread their brilliant aura everywhere. They were divine humans. They experienced displeasure while eating alone but were full of joy when they fed others. They felt ashamed to eat alone. Once, even I faced embarrassment. As per someone’s bidding Mataji (My holy consort) gave me a glass of sweet lime juice. I was busy working, and thus when Mataji gave me the glass I drank it. Yet afterwards I felt in my tummy as though someone had given me acid to drink. I then came to know that it was sweet lime juice. Immediately I put my finger in my throat and vomited the juice. Till all the juice came out of my body I felt agitated. Mataji asked me whether a fly had entered my juice. I said no but yet how could I drink this expensive juice? My children as per my advice and one call of mine have come to dwell here in Gayatri Tapobhumi. I can neither give them milk to drink nor butter in their meals. Their children also go without milk. Hence how can I drink lime juice all alone?


In future days to come people shall find it more joyous to feed others than selfishly feeding themselves only. In future if someone eats all alone, others shall ask: Are you not ashamed? You are persisting on eating alone selfishly. You must indeed be very ashamed of yourself. Do you not see your hungry neighbors, poor and poverty stricken people around you? You can see only your own tummy, your wife and your children. When Mother Gayatri shall dawn in your heart, she shall render you brilliant. She shall positively transform your very thinking. Thus you shall see not only your family but entire society and your country. You shall start becoming a divine person. Mother Gayatri instead of arriving seated on a royal swan with a water pot in her hand actually manifests only as compassion and loving sympathy for all. This verily is her total form. It shall render you all divine humans. Thus you shall have to live a life of a divine human. No longer shall you be allowed to live like a Satan and devil. You shall not live like a stingy wealthy capitalist. Your style of living and day to day transactions shall become extraordinary. You shall eat only after sharing with others and also shall share their sorrows. You shall share all your happiness with others and thus more and more bliss shall drip forth from your bosom (THE MORE LOVE AND JOY IS DIVIDED THE MORE IT MULTIPLIES).