The Corporate Spy Ring or Watch What You Say in the Lunchroom!

Working in the corporate world,The Corporate Spy Ring or Watch What You Say in the Lunchroom! Articles women put up with the commute, the dress code, the hierarchy, the intense work, and sometimes the long hours. But what about eating in the lunchroom? How often are lunchtime conversations either boring or bordering on invasive?

It never fails. You thought the coast was clear when you entered the lunchroom to gather your food out of the communal fridge and sit down, hoping for half an hour of peace and quiet. But then the girls would descend, and the next thing you know, they would be chattering on like they were at a slumber party.

lunchtime results
lunchtime result

Conversations would cover so and so’s boyfriend or husband, problems with the kids, movies, what the dragon lady boss dished out in the weekly staff meeting, and what Sue, the receptionist, wore the other day that had everyone in a snit.

What might have been fun fodder at once time now is seen as a useless waste of time. Lunchtime is supposed to be a break in the day.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with people talking in the lunchroom, but it’s always wise to be aware of seemingly “innocent” conversations where you might let on more than you should about your work or personal life. This is prime breeding ground for gossip run amuck, which could be potentially damaging to your career!

Here are four tips for keeping your lips zipped in the lunchroom:

1. Keep the conversation light. If you have no choice but to eat in the lunchroom, stick only to comments about inane things like the weather, the game last night or the latest technology the office is using. The trick is not to allow people to know too much about you beyond what they absolutely need to. If you let others get too familiar with you, it can pose problems down the line.